Tablets are everywhere. It is nearly a decade since the release of the first iPad and you can now purchase a tablet (with decent functionality) for as little as $30. It is no surprise that tablet or iPad stands have cluttered the consumer electronics accessories market. Making a decision about the right stand for you isn’t always easy. Even with online consumer reviews, like those written in Amazon’s tablet and iPad accessories marketplace, it can be difficult to make a sure-thing purchase. We suggest that when you are hunting for the ideal iPad stand, it’s a good idea to consider a solution that will accommodate as many of your tablet usage needs as possible.

The birth of the multi-use iPad stand

Tstand Creator, Sean K, was fed up with the discomfort involved when watching movies from his tablet in bed. Our initial vision at SurfaceID was to create an iPad stand that would solve this problem. After a lengthy research and development phase, it became clear that iPad users are looking for a stand that does it all. Due to their convenience and portability, tablets are used in a variety of positions, in a variety of settings, for many different leisurely and non-leisurely activities. We needed to create a stand that satisfied multiple needs, while keeping the core functionality of an iPad bed stand in mind.

This ideology gave birth to Tstand’s reversible base. The unique H-shaped design allows this gadget to seamlessly accommodate any tablet, used any way, anytime. Tstand adapts to you, no matter what you’re doing: watching movies in bed, cooking in the kitchen, entertaining the kids in the backseat of your car, or reading an eBook in the park on a nice relaxing, summer afternoon.

What are some of Tstand’s uses?

Glad you asked! Here are a number of ways our customers have been enjoying Tstand:

  • An iPad holder for bed | Watch movies, TV series or videos in bed hands-free without straining your neck, shoulders, or back


  • An iPad lap stand | Tstand fits in your lap and makes it easier and more comfortable to interact with your tablet in a seated position
  • A Kindle or eBook holder | Read eBooks comfortably in whichever position you desire
  • Turning your iPad into a monitor or second screen | Increase your work space and productivity by using your iPad as a second monitor with Tstand


Using iPad as a monitor with Tstand

  • For gaming from an iPad or tablet | Tstand holds your tablet for you, giving you full access to both of your hands
  • An iPad kitchen stand | Follow recipes in the kitchen while keeping your tablet elevated and safe from messes and spills

ipad stand for kitchen

  • Following instructions for a DIY project | Tstand lifts your tablet away from your work space, so you have room to make a mess (and keep your tablet safe while doing so!)
  • An iPad music stand | Take advantage of the iOS/Android music apps available to musicians and follow sheet music from your tablet with ease and comfort

tablet stand for musicians

  • An iPad car holder | Extend Tstand vertically and insert it into the backseat pocket of a car and you’ve got yourself a high-res personal cinema to enjoy on road trips.


  • Effective FaceTime or Skype calls | Tstand holds your tablet for you at the perfect height for a proper face-to-face video conference call.


  • Giving presentations | Whether it’s a slideshow of your latest vacation or a business presentation, Tstand lifts your tablet to a more central position to make sharing the screen easier and more enjoyable for everyone in your audience
  • An artist’s iPad easel | When using your iPad for more creative activities, Tstand can be used as an iPad easel, lifting your tablet to a position that’s easy to sketch or draw from


  • An iPad stand for kids | Tstand creates a mini TV monitor or game console for a small child while protecting the tablet from damage


The importance of using a tablet stand

Tablets aren’t very ergonomic devices. If you use your tablet regularly, you need a tablet stand to avoid unpleasant discomfort or more serious damage to your body. While iPads can be great for carrying out quick tasks or playing the occasional game, if you use a tablet for an extended period of time, you could be at risk. Avid tablet users frequently report stiff necks, back pain, wrist and finger strain, etc. It can also aggravate more serious conditions like Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and arthritis. Luckily, you can avoid any and all of these conditions with the right stand. Tstand eliminates the source of the strain by elevating your tablet to eye-level and allowing you to use the tablet hands-free.

How have you been using your Tstand?

Have you discovered a use for Tstand that’s missing from this list? Let us know in the comments!

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