ipad music stand
Every musician needs an iPad music stand. Whether it be piano chords, guitar tabs, or lyrics to your favorite song, iPads are great devices for following along with sheet music. Smartphones’ small screen size make it hard on the eyes while laptops are simply just inconvenient to lug around to band practice. Highly readable and virtually weightless, tablets are the perfect compromise for your musical needs.

An Ingenious iPad Music Stand

If you’re looking to follow along with sheet music while standing or singing in a microphone, an iPad floor stand or iPad mic stand mount might be more attuned to your needs. However, if you’re looking to sit back and jam for hours, you’ll need an iPad music stand like Tstand. A stand poised at a comfortably elevated position makes reading sheet music more enjoyable on every level.

A comfortable way to read iPad sheet music

When following sheet music from an iPad, we typically slouch to view its screen while straining our eyes to read its content from an awkward angle. Apart from poor posture, this causes aching backs, stiff necks and tired eyes. With Tstand, your tablet gets lifted to eye-level, so you can view your tablet comfortably and hands-free without having to slouch or squint your eyes.

Easy to share the screen with fellow musicians

When jamming out with friends, you might want to share sheet music, tabs or lyrics from your tablet’s screen. Tstand makes this easier than ever! Position your tablet centrally between friends at the perfect angle and rock on.

Film yourself from an iPad with ease

Whether you’re a professional musician or an aspiring musician, it’s always helpful to hear or see yourself while playing an instrument or practicing your vocals. Without an iPad music stand, filming yourself from an iPad certainly isn’t easy. Your best bet is to lean your tablet on something sturdy and elevated. With Tstand, filming your progress is hassle-free. Simply insert your tablet into the Tstand, position it at the right angle and start making history.

We would strongly recommend Tstand as an iPad music stand to any musician who likes to use their tablet on a regular basis. Download some great apps, read your music, or take a video hassle-free. And when you’re not making music, Tstand can also double as a great iPad holder for bed.