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tstand trumps ipad pillow

We recently took the liberty of testing out an iPad pillow and were disappointed by its design and limited functionality. Sure, it might be useful for a small child to use, but we don’t think any adult should be using an iPad pillow as their primary tablet stand. The main reason is linked to the fact that tablets induce strain on several parts of your body. The lower your tablet is positioned, the more strain involved. When interacting with a tablet on your lap, keeping the device elevated is crucial to avoiding joint disorders down the road.

Why don’t we recommend the iPad pillow as one’s primary choice of an iPad lap stand?

They’re ergonomically problematic

iPad pillows simply add to the ergonomic problem that iPads themselves create. When placed on your lap, the iPad pillow positions the tablet at a slightly better angle, however, it’s certainly not the most comfortable and ergonomic angle possible. Tablet users must still strain their bodies to view the tablet. Researchers have actually found that this downward position can place up to 60 pounds of pressure on the cervical spine. Not only that, this slouching position can lead to “tech neck,” also known as premature sagging of the neck. Who wants that? We certainly don’t.

They quickly heat up

Having a thick pillow on your lap could get toasty pretty quickly. Having to take periodic breaks from the heat defeats the purpose of having an iPad lap stand in the first place. It might be nice and cozy in the winter, but no one wants a pillow on their lap during a summer heat wave.

They’re bulky and not very portable

Tablets and iPads are great for their portability. Tablet pillows might not weigh much, but they sure do take up a lot of space with their bulkiness. This makes them pretty inconvenient to travel with, which leaves you without an iPad lap stand when on-the-go. We strongly believe that iPad lap stands should be just as portable as tablets are. What’s the point in buying a tablet stand that diminishes your device’s primary feature of portability? Having a conveniently portable iPad lap stand means you can enjoy its comfort no matter where you choose to use your tablet.

Their functionality is limited

Let’s face it, most people use their tablets in more than one position. Their small size and portability make them a convenient personal computing choice in a multitude of settings: following recipes in the kitchen, on a flight, lounging in the living room, on a business trip, etc. You can purchase a single-purpose iPad stand for each of these settings or you can simply purchase a versatile tablet stand whose design adapts to your needs.

They’re difficult to clean

Sure, you could throw it in the wash with the rest of your pillows, but with time, most iPad pillows will lose their shape as their interior frame loses its strength or its fabric and filling will start smelling funky. To make things worse, spills must be taken care of immediately in order to avoid permanent stains or bacteria growth. Definitely not an ideal iPad lap stand for anyone who’s the least bit clumsy.

Tstand is a healthy iPad pillow alternative

We created the Tstand to help iPad or tablet users use their devices more comfortably in leisurely positions. It can be placed on one’s lap when sitting down, on one’s chest when lying down, or even on a tabletop when you rotate its base. Tstand holds your tablet at a comfortably elevated position while keeping your tablet stable. It folds for convenient portability and when things get messy, it can easily be wiped down with a damp cloth. It’s such a versatile iPad stand that we’re constantly hearing about new ways that our customers use theirs.

It elevates your tablet to a comfortable position

Whether your tablet is in portrait or landscape mode, Tstand actually lifts your tablet, eliminating as much strain as possible.

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You can adjust its angle to suit your needs

Being able to adjust the angle of your tablet’s screen while inserted in an iPad lap stand makes it all the more comfortable and strain-free to use in any position.

It’s multi-functional so you’ll never need another stand

Whether you’re in bed, on the couch, at work, on a plane, or in the kitchen, Tstand has you covered. Its versatile design means it can adapt to an endless number of situations.

It folds for convenient portability

Tstand can easily be folded flat, making it a convenient iPad accessory for travelling or on-the-go tablet usage.

It’s uniform surface makes it easy to clean

Tstand’s outer layer is made from solid ABS plastic, making it an easy-to-clean iPad lap stand. When things get messy, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth and you’re good to go.

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Even babies love it!

Let’s face it: it’s hard to keep children away from these toy-like devices. Kids are drawn to tablets like magnets. Tstand, at the very least, creates a healthier tablet environment for children, making it effortless for them to adopt a healthy posture while interacting with a tablet.

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Tablet or iPad pillows might look cute and friendly, but using them regularly or for extended periods of time could actually affect your physical health in the same way that using a tablet without a stand can. We created the Tstand as a healthy and versatile solution.