“This is the most bizarre iPad stand ever, and you’ll probably want one.” – BGR

What makes Tstand a great iPad holder for bed?

Using an iPad in bed can be tricky. We often find ourselves twisting, turning and adjusting our position – adapting our bodies to work with the tablet’s small size. Hunching over our device like this can create a forward head posture which will lead to chronic pain down the road. Holding an iPad frequently and for long periods of time can also trigger more serious health conditions like Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. At SurfaceID, a Montreal-based industrial design firm, we developed Tstand in order to help solve this problem once and for all.

tablet holder for bed

Lying down in bed with Tstand Black holding an iPad

Tstand is a versatile, multi-use tablet stand. But more than anything, since the launch of our Kickstarter campaign, we’ve heard again and again that Tstand is a great iPad holder for bed. Whether you are lying in bed, reading an eBook on the couch, or lounging in a recliner chair, Tstand will elevate your tablet to a comfortable, ergonomic position. This means less time spent adjusting your body and more time enjoying the contents of your iPad’s display.

Watching YouTube and checking out duet display on Twitter all on my @tstandd. I really love this stand. pic.twitter.com/pLrstz7imr

— Marko Markolovic (@MarkoMarkolovic) August 12, 2016

Tstand holds your tablet for you. This allows you to enjoy your tablet’s maximum functionality while using your hands for more important things (like eating candy). Our unique design lets you position your tablet at the perfect height, eliminating all sources of potential neck and back strain. Now you can watch an entire movie comfortably, and hands-free.

best ipad bed stand

Watching a movie in bed on the Surface Pro using Tstand Silver

You can rest easy knowing you will no longer have to contort your spine into an awkward position to enjoy your tablet. Your technology, after all, should work for you rather than against you. Tstand instead makes using an iPad an effortless and ergonomic experience for users of all ages. For a small child, turn your iPad into a perfect miniature TV monitor with Tstand’s help. There are several iPad bed stands on the market, and so far none have proven to be as effective and multi-functional as the Tstand.

tablet or ipad stand for bed

Lying down on the couch with an iPad in Tstand Black

How does it work?

Insert any tablet 7” to 13” into the Tstand and use its sturdy H-shaped base to comfortably balance your device on your chest or lap. Tstand’s base rotates almost 360 degrees. The base can either hug your body or stand firmly on any solid surface. When positioned on your chest, its legs curve inwards at the optimal angle for perfect balance and stability. Your iPad will remain easily viewable at eye-level. Best of all? No more aches and pains after a long tablet session!

diy ipad bed stand

A truly multi-functional iPad bed stand

What are experts saying about the Tstand?

Since the launch of our Kickstarter campaign in the fall of 2015, Tstand has received lots of press coverage from iPad enthusiasts. Chris from Total Nerd Takeover recently reviewed the Tstand. We were pleased with how well he nailed the Tstand’s key benefits and functionality. Chris talks about Tstand’s user-friendly design and goes on to say the stand solves multiple issues:

”No longer will you have to worry about your tablet smacking you in the face and possibly busting a tooth as you are falling asleep laying on the couch. The Tstand has a unique and simplistic design to hold said device at just the right height and angle from your face […] It’s solid build solves more than one of my problems and I highly recommend the Tstand.”

tablet stand for bed

Chris from Total Nerd Takeover trying out Tstand in bed

Check out Chris’s unsolicited Tstand review below (seriously, we didn’t ask him to do this!):


A recent article by Gizmodo describes their experience with the Tstand:

“When you first look at the Tstand, you’ll have doubts that it can hold an iPad. When someone shows you how it holds a tablet over your face, you’ll marvel that anyone ever thought it was a good idea. But then you’ll try it, and realize that it will change Netflix in bed forever.”

“I’d never thought that holding a tablet on my chest was annoying me, but once you try lying on your back with a screen floating above your face, you won’t be able to go back.”

At first, our design might look a bit silly. You might even think that the ergonomic challenges of a tablet are, how you say, “first world problems,” like this Redditor. But if you give us a chance, we promise you will never go back to your old way of using a tablet ever again! If you are a self-proclaimed iPad addict, you need to get your hands on this stand.

ipad holder for bed

Watching The Walking Dead using our iPad holder for bed

Seriously. People are really loving the Tstand. Just strap it in, put on some headphones, get into bed and stream a Netflix movie. Not only do you have your own personal cinema comfortably balanced on your chest, but you will also never go back to physically holding your tablet ever again. A Kickstarter backer recently took to Twitter to express his appreciation:

A new way to play @PlayHearthstone Thanks to #tstandd now my arms won’t get cramped holding up my iPad anymore. pic.twitter.com/zCFXnyWI3V

— Matt Low (@matticus) April 30, 2016

Holding your iPad while playing a game on your tablet can’t be comfortable for long!

We have also gotten tons of positive feedback from our customers about how the Tstand will benefit them beyond being an awesome cinematic experience. A few of you have reached out personally to let us know that Tstand is going to be a real lifesaver for those who are either confined to bed due to injury or illness or suffer from joint disorders, such as arthritis.

A convenient, easy & ergonomic solution

Okay, you get it. Tstand is a great iPad bed stand. But what else can you use it for? Tstand offers a convenient, easy and ergonomic solution for tablet usage, no matter how you use your iPad. Be it sitting down, following a recipe in the kitchen, setting up for a meeting at work, Tstand has your back.

use ipad as a monitor

Tstand can also be used as an ergonomic, portable iPad monitor

We believe in a healthy, adventurous lifestyle full of travel and the great outdoors as well as some occasional guilt-free Netflix indulgence. But your technology should always work with your body rather than against it. Enter: Tstand. Let us help you enjoy a healthier relationship with your iPad or tablet, no matter how – or where – you are using it.

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