With over 275 user reviews and a score of 4.7+ out of 5 on Amazon, the Tstand has become widely popular.


The press is also talking about it.

With the degree of flexibility this iPad stand has to offer, the strain on your wrists is not a problem anymore.
A highly versatile tablet stand that lets you use your device hands-free and strain-free in an endless number of positions.
The more you look at it, the more you realize that it could seriously come in handy.
Tstand is probably the first product out of the gate to provide a tablet stand that can accommodate both the smaller version tablets and the jumbo sized ones as well.
This tablet stand solves one of the iPad’s biggest annoyances.
It does make your tablet more useable and enjoyable, and that is a pretty cool trick to pull off.
The Tstand is offering the ultimate solution.
The iPad is great for watching movies in bed, but tired arms, a crick in your neck or a suspicious bruise after you drop it on yourself are all potential hazards. We think the multipurpose, lightweight Tstand is the answer.
The ultimate tablet holder.
From the kitchen table to the impromptu workspace, to late night reading and entertainment, the Tstand lets the user position their tablet at just the right angle and elevation.
The Tstand offers users a multifunctional tablet stand that is both compact and lightweight.
When you first look at the Tstand, you’ll have doubts that it can hold an iPad but when you try it, you’ll realize that it will change Netflix in bed forever.
Your iPad’s perfect companion for lazy viewing on couch or bed.
If you need your iPad Pro perched, angled or otherwise seated, the Tstand provides perfect coverage.
The iPad stand for every angle.
Because of its flexibility and versatility, the Tstand is ideal for everyone. You can use it at home, at school, at work, during travel or any place where you can bring and use your tablet.
If you watch videos on your iPad in bed, you’ll probably find this one of the best additions to your gadget menagerie.
To try it is to adopt it!
A tablet holder which adapts to any situation.
You can relax and watch your favourite TV shows in bed completely hands-free.
No longer are we required to lug our devices around, or even hold it up while the weight weighs down on our arms. The Tstand is going to help relieve that unwanted strain and allow us to use our tablets in ways we couldn’t have imagined.
The iPad is held in place by a strong spring mechanism. The slots that hold it have rubber coatings, to avoid risk of scratching it. The strength of the spring is such that there appears no risk at all of the iPad falling out.
Essentially a binge-watcher’s dream.
Tstand is the best tablet stand we’ve seen yet.
From laying down in bed or on the couch, or getting a better view at your workstation, the Tstand will definitely be of use to you!
All the while reducing the strain on your wrists, hands, back and neck. In short, the Tstand is very ergonomic.
With its innovative design and multi-purpose functionality, the Tstand offers tablet users an entirely new level of usability.
We’re impressed with this tablet stand after spending time with a prototype.
With tablets fast becoming the main gadget for gaming, video watching and social networking, a tablet stand such as the Tstand is going to become essential gear for the tablet user.
Using an iPad in bed is not particularly convenient. The Tstand solves the problem. Put it on your belly and enjoy your movie!
A lightweight portable tablet stand that makes it easy to use your tablet while travelling, working and relaxing.
Finding the ultimate stand for your tablet could turn out rather difficult, as it would have to be light and comfortable to use both in bed and on a desk. Tstand addresses those issues, and more.
Because tablets can’t levitate.
Tstand is a multipurpose, adaptable, compact and lightweight tablet stand that will revolutionize the way you use your tablet.
The iPad and tablet accessory your back didn’t know it needed.