tstand ipad holder for car
Road trips are great! For the first couple of hours… soon all the trees and fields and cows and rocks start to look the same and the kids start getting agitated and you missed the exit for the last two restaurants and you have to use a gas station bathroom.

Yikes! But don’t worry, you got this. You brought your tablet along. It’s a lightweight device that takes up minimal space in the vehicle and its high res display is perfect for binge-watching movies on a long road trip.

Now, all you need to do is figure out how to prop the thing up either in the front seat, or in the back between the kids.

iPad car mounts are not the answer

Sure they’re popular, but do they work? We don’t think they are very ideal. If you attach your iPad car mount to the dashboard or windshield, you run the risk of distracting your driver. Trust me, the last thing you want on an 8 hour road trip is for your driver to be gazing back and forth at the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

Because of their central position, the iPad is also positioned at an awkward angle a little too far away from the viewer. We only recommend tablet car mounts for those who use their tablets primarily for navigation or GPS purposes.

For everyone else, we recommend Tstand. If you use your iPad for leisure or entertainment on a long car ride, this tablet stand is perfect. Portable and versatile, it doesn’t have to be mounted on anything and can be used for a wide range of activities in the car.

Who needs TVs in their headrests when you have @tstandd for iPad. pic.twitter.com/y19VN5CILc

— Marko Markolovic (@MarkoMarkolovic) July 2, 2016

Tstand as an iPad holder for car

Check out our two favorite ways to use Tstand in the car:

In the backseat pocket

Placing Tstand into the back pocket of a car seat is a great way to watch movies from an iPad or tablet while keeping your hands free for snacking. Simply extend your Tstand’s neck vertically until your tablet is in line with the base. Insert it into the back seat pocket of a seat — ideally on the passenger side to avoid distracting the driver. In this position, you can enjoy the luxury of a long flight from the comfort of your own vehicle. With your tablet elevated and positioned at the perfect distance, you can watch movies from your iPad without having to deal with the weight of holding it in your hands.

On your lap

Catching Pokémon? Playing Hearthstone? If you’re a more hands-on tablet user on long car rides, you’re going to want to keep your iPad a bit closer to you. In those gotta-catch-em-all situations, using Tstand as an iPad lap stand is a comfortable solution.

Rotate your Tstand’s neck into Desktop Mode and place it on your lap. Desktop Mode will ensure that your tablet remains sturdy while you interact with it, even if your driver can’t seem to avoid the potholes.

Keep your kids entertained in the backseat of the car!

Small children on a road trip? God help you! At Tstand, we know there is nothing more satisfying than a few moments of silence while you’re driving towards your destination in a car full of siblings. That’s why you need to come prepared. Keeping your kids entertained with in-car activities is the best way to keep the backseat calm and help the driver fully focus on the road.

Tablets are a great source of in-car entertainment given the increasingly wide range of children-friendly apps available on iOS and Android tablets. But children have the cutest little hands, and so interacting with a tablet isn’t always easy. The risk of the tablet slipping is elevated and so is the risk of adopting poor posture due to frequent slouching.

Tstand helps keep your iPad safe from accidents while helping your child maintain a healthier posture. The contents of the tablets screen can also be easily shared amongst siblings because Tstand will elevate the tablet to the perfect height and keep it in a more central position. We can guarantee a drop in backseat arguments. Can any other tablet stand do that?

Tstand has many uses and a tablet holder for car is just one of many ways you can use this handy little gadget. Make the most out of your iPad or tablet anyhow, anywhere.

Have you been using your Tstand as an iPad car holder?

If so, share a photo below in the comments or tweet us at @tstandd and we’ll add your photo to this post. Don’t have a photo? No worries, share your experience below and we’ll add your input to our blog post. We love seeing Tstand in action.