The iPad’s favorite companion is coming back…


The Kickstarter launches on January 31st 2021



The ipad’s favorite companion is coming back…

The Kickstarter launches on January 31st 2021

Same great usability as always. Works with any device, iPad to smartphone, smaller than 13.5 inches.

ipad working at desk
playing switch on the couch
watching tv shows on ipad on couch
reading kindle in bed

works with


great new features.

ipad stand folded

We’ve replaced the glossy plastic for a rubber paint finish. It looks great and feels even better! We can’t wait for you to try it.

scratch resistant padding

We re-engineered the hook mechanism to be sturdier than before and the hinge to be silent. No more squeaking!

iphone holder with earphones

Better attachments are available for the Tstand 2 to take your favourite tablet holder to the next level.

most versatile tablet holder ever


To lock your device securely into place, simply pull the rectractable hook over your tablet and release. This easy-to-use mechanism makes changing from one device to another a breeze! The hook can extend to fit any tablet smaller that 13.5″, ample space to fit your iPad Pro in landscape mode or your iPad Air in portrait!

scratch resistant padding


Never worry about damaging your tablet with the Tstand. The hooks that secure your tablet are padded with silicone. This padding is not only non-scratch, but also non-slip. You can rest assured your iPad won’t be flying out once it’s locked in!

ipad in bed and desktop

reversible desktop mode

Need to get some work done on your iPad? Easy! Simply rotate the Tstand base completely to enter desktop mode and transform your tablet into a genuine workstation. Desktop mode allows you to work ergonomically with your tablet at eye-level. 

no tablet?

no problem.

With the new phone adapter, the Tstand is more versatile than ever before. Now there are even fewer reasons to miss out on this amazing product! 

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The Kickstarter project launches soon








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