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We get many inquiries asking if the Tstand is a compatible with the iPad Pro and the answer is YES! In fact, Digital Trends even named it the number one best iPad Pro accessory! Even better, Tstand fits the iPad Pro with most cases. To date, only iPad Pro Otterbox cases do not fit into Tstand’s little grippers.

Why do you need an iPad Pro Stand?

Tstand was born out of the ergonomic challenges of tablet usage. Being tablet users ourselves, we have experienced firsthand the discomfort of hunching over our tablets and the aches and pains that follow. When using an iPad without a stand, we are essentially training our bodies to adopt abnormal positions that will eventually affect our posture, comfort, and long-term physical well-being.

The iPad Pro actually worsens these ergonomic issues due to its large screen size and heightened functionality. This iPad is also designed for longer periods of use. Holding a heavier device for extended periods of time will inevitably lead to increased arm and shoulder strain.

ipad stand for bed

React Before Your Body Adapts

To avoid painful and often irreversible symptoms associated with tablet usage, it is important to adjust the way you interact with your iPad Pro so that the tech accommodates your body rather than the other way around. Ideally, this would mean keeping your tablet elevated to eye-level and trying to avoid holding your device for long periods of time. Luckily, this can be easily achieved with a proper, ergonomic iPad Pro stand, like the Tstand.

The Perfect iPad Pro Stand

Free your arms and elevate your tablet with the best iPad Pro stand in the business. With an expandable design that accommodates any tablet between 7” and 13”, Tstand is the perfect fit for the iPad Pro’s massive 12” screen. For artists who use their device for their creative pursuits, the Tstand also makes a great iPad Pro easel for drawing or sketching.

ipad pro stand

Photo taken from iMore.com

So far, Tstand has gotten lots of reviews from the press and iPad Pro users alike. Here is what they had to say:

“The stand itself is fairly simple — it uses a spring mechanism to clamp down on the tablet as if held in a vice, using rubberized grips to keep the device from slipping out. It does a very good job of securing the tablet in place. We had no problems securing our iPad Pro and Surface 3 on the Tstand, both enclosed in hardcases.” — ZDNet.com

“The iPad is great for watching movies in bed, but tired arms, a crick in your neck, or a suspicious bruise after you drop it on yourself, are all potential hazards. We think the multipurpose, lightweight Tstand is the answer.” — DigitalTrends.com

“I’ve primarily been using the Tstand as an artist’s easel, and I love it: it puts the iPad Pro right at hand and eye level, and I can position it however I feel like drawing.” — iMore.com

Do you own the iPad Pro?

Check out Tstand in our online store. Have you used Tstand as an iPad Pro stand or an artist’s easel? We’re always looking for new reviews, so please share your experiences with us by sending us an email or Tweeting to Tstand.

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