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Since the launch of our Kickstarter campaign in the fall of 2016, word has spread! Tstand is going to change the way you use your iPad or tablet.

Press mentions have been pouring in expressing a lot of hype for this multipurpose iPad accessory. Even those who like to make fun of Tstand can’t deny that they would love to lay down and let Tstand transform their tablets into their own personal cinema. We are thrilled by the positive feedback we’re getting from product reviewers, bloggers, and Kickstarter backers alike. In fact, this iPad accessory has managed to land its name in some major blogs like Gizmodo, Daily Mail, CultofMac, and iMore.

So what have the press been saying about Tstand?

To give you an idea, we’ve summarized a few articles for you so you can get the buzz on Tstand. Just click on the links if you want more information!

Chris from Gizmodo initially had some serious doubts about whether the Tstand could hold an iPad. Until, of course, he received his Tstand and realized, “it will change Netflix in bed forever.” He’d never realized how annoying it was to hold an iPad on his chest for hours on end. Now that he’s experienced the wonders of the Tstand, he can’t imagine going back to the old way.

ipad holder for bed
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Chris from SlashGear was also impressed. Like most iPad users, he never realized how often he strained his neck while interacting with his iPad. Until Tstand gave him a break. He refers to the product as an “iPad stand for every occasion.” But despite it’s flexibility, he makes sure to highlight Tstand as perfect for those who watch a lot of video from their iPad.

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Serenity from iMore uses her iPad primarily for creative purposes. She found the Tstand to be a great iPad easel for an artist. Tstand holds your tablet in a position that’s comfortable for both your eyes and your hands when drawing. When you’re not drawing, Tstand’s bottom grippers create a space to conveniently store your iPad’s stylus. Talk about a “multipurpose iPad accessory!”

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George from Cult of Mac appreciates the Tstand for its ergonomic benefits. He points out that there is no way to hold or position an iPad without experiencing awkwardness or discomfort. After testing out a Tstand prototype, he was immediately impressed at how well it alleviated the neck strain he’d been experiencing. George particularly enjoyed using Tstand to watch TV shows in bed because he no longer had to strategically prop his tablet on multiple pillows.

Tstand feels like the missing piece between a tablet and the way we all try to interact with one.

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Simon from Digital Trends placed Tstand first on his list of the best iPad accessories to make the most of your tablet. Combining Tstand with Netflix and a pair of headphones instantly creates a single-person cinema. Again, Simon applauds Tstand as a solution for tired arms, neck strain and the occasional bruise. Aside from being the ideal Netflix binge buddy, Simon also uses Tstand to read the news at the kitchen table (hint: it keeps your tablet safe from accidental spills).

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