Those of us at SurfaceID have been envisioning better designs for years. Our R&D teams are always working on new concepts and Tstand has to be one of the products we are most proud of. SurfaceID is a Montreal design firm with partners in Shanghai. As Millennial designers, we live and breathe industrial design and innovation. Founder Sean Kieley has been transforming concepts into functional designs for the last 10 years as a grassroots entrepreneur. His enthusiasm is infectious and we are proud of an ever-growing team.

Tstand: It’s a Girl!

Every design is a labour of love. It takes a dedicated inventor and a talented team to push a product into reality. That’s how Tstand was born!

So what is she? Simply put, she frees up your hands and makes your tablet or phablet a truly functional device, unlocking the full potential of your mobile experience. It doesn’t matter what your demographic is: toddler, child, student, college grad, young professional, busy mom, multi-tasking manager, retired grandparent or anyone in between. Tstand can work for you.

iPad holder for bed

Common Uses of a Tstand

Picture these settings (and how great it would be to experience them hands free):

  • Travelling on an airplane, train, bus, or riding shotgun in a car
  • Taking notes at a meeting (with Bluetooth keyboard + USB OTG cable for mouse)
  • Watching videos or listening to podcasts in your spare time
  • Cooking in the kitchen, with all your recipes conveniently at your fingertips
  • Surfing the net, reading recent articles while watching the news on TV and discussing your day with your loved ones
  • Listening to music in your college dorm
  • Using it in the backseat of the car to keep the kids occupied
  • Skyping or SMS with your grandchildren or loved ones abroad
  • Using it as a creative design tool at work for apps specifically tailored for tablets
  • An injury or an illness has confined you to bed for long periods of time
  • Doing extra work at coffee shops on apps like LinkedIn Pulse, Slack, Asana, Google Now and others
  • Playing mobile games on the go
  • Taking pictures and videos of friends and family
  • Getting romantic and snuggling up to watch a movie together on the couch

tstand tablet stand

Functionality of the Tstand

Tstand leaves your hands free for a multi-device environment. It’s a product not only designed for convenience, but also for maximum portability. You can go from room to room with your device easily. You can also watch a video in different settings without having to hold, prop, or maneuver your tablet. It makes for easy viewing!

Our users are busy professionals or retired Baby Boomers making the most out of life. It was for them we created a device that could pivot, fold, and rest on a table or on your chest in a reclined or semi-reclined position. The final product had to be light, but heavy enough to remain stable and of course, it had to accommodate different tablet sizes/models. In the end, we produced a stand that is not only a sleek solution to the ergonomic shortcomings of a tablet device, but also a family-centric accessory that works for you no matter your age or needs.

tstand iPad bed stand

Tstand for Using Tablets in an Evolving Digital World

Tablets are becoming increasingly common devices, and part of their popularity has to do with an evolving array of applications. Tstand provides you with the support you need to truly make the most of the myriad experiences these apps afford. From video streaming, to productivity, to staying in touch with family and friends, Tstand makes tablets more accessible by improving the interface, handling, and overall customer experience. Our patented H-shaped design ensures for maximum multi-purpose utility.

How You Use Tstand in a Digital World

A hands-free interface

Think Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, Google Assistant, and Amazon’s Echo device, featuring Alexa. The voice interface is the next big platform for interaction with technology and services, whether via devices in the home or smartphones on the go. Tstand facilitates this transition with ease. With your hands full of flour in the kitchen, just ask Google to pull up your favorite recipe!

A solution for disability, injury, or illness

Founder/CEO of Tstand, Sean Kieley, was partly inspired to create this product because of his mother’s arthritis! It was painful for her to hold her tablet for an extended period of time while Skyping with her family. Tstand has also proved to be a valuable educational tool for students with low vision, or a handy device for those confined to their beds for long periods of time due to illness.

Unlock your tablets potential

Tablets are lighter than your bulky laptop and therefore ideal for anyone on the go. Tstand helps you unlock that full potential with a convenient, and simple solution. Our stand is light and compact enough to fit in your bag. Pull it out at the café and make the most of your tablet.

The Perfect Holiday Gift

Still looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones? Tstand is now available on Amazon USA and Canada.