Convenient portability and retina display means using a tablet or iPad to watch movies or TV shows is a no-brainer. The latest iPad Pro’s 12.9” display has exactly what it takes to create a top-quality cinematic experience. So how do you watch movies on iPad? Here’s a few tips and tricks to get you started.

watch movies on iPad

To Stream or to Download? The choice is yours.

Well, it depends. On a lot of factors: available iPad storage space, internet connection, and whether you want to watch movies online or offline. If you’re limited in terms of storage space, streaming movies is a convenient alternative to downloading. Downloading could be a better solution for those dealing with an unstable internet connection. This will ensure an HD movie streaming experience every time.

If your monthly downloading quota is limited and you plan on watching the same movie multiple times, we also recommend downloading your movie since it will only be counted once towards your monthly downloading quota.

Movie Streaming for iPad

We think streaming is the easiest way to watch movies or TV shows on an iPad. Apart from the obvious Netflix or Hulu subscription, there are other streaming solutions (some of them totally free!).

Our favorite iPad movie streaming app is Crackle, an iOS app that lets you watch a variety of movies/TV shows free from your iPad. You can also try SnagFilms. They have a database of over 8,000 movies and documentaries (also for free). YouTube’s app, believe it or not, also have a variety of free HD movies that you can stream from an iPad. The best part is that most of these free movie streaming apps, such as ShowBox, also allow you to download movies to your iPad for offline viewing, which is pretty convenient.

Download Movies to Your iPad

Downloading is a great solution if you’re heading somewhere sans WiFi (maybe on a road trip?). The most common way to download movies onto your iPad is via the iTunes app. If you plan on watching movies without an internet connection, make sure you opt for offline viewing.

Beside the mainstream iTunes method, there are lots of iOS apps that let you transfer movies from your computer to your iPad with ease. All you will need afterwards is a video player app which will allow you to watch the movies you have downloaded. As a long-time VLC user, this author recommends the VLC movie player app for iPad. However, there are lots of other free video players for iPad to choose from.

Get an iPad Stand For Watching Movies

Okay so buying an iPad stand specifically for watching movies on an iPad is definitely a luxury. Nonetheless, if you’re looking to create a comfortable and more intimate cinematic experience from your iPad, doing so with an iPad movie mount will certainly help you achieve that. For those who don’t know, we recently launched an innovative iPad stand that serves that exact purpose, the Tstand. Since most iPad movie-aholics tend to watch movies in relaxed positions, such as in bed or on the couch, Tstand’s primary benefit is that it holds the iPad for you at eye-level, whether you’re lying down in bed, lounging on the couch, or sitting at a table streaming the six o’clock news.

Pretty great huh?

Tstand eliminates the need for you to hold your iPad in your hands for hours to ultimately end up with strained wrists and a sore neck. It also eliminates the struggle of finding a comfortable and safe spot to perch your fragile tablet without it slipping and/or cracking.


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