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Tstand first launched its Kickstarter campaign on October 21st, 2015. After just under 48 hours, we reached our $10, 000 funding goal. Needless to say, we were thrilled! We could not wait to see how far the support from our backers would take us.

A month after our launch date, Tstand ended its campaign at 1925% funding, with $192,562 raised and 2,896 backers. There was a bit of resistance to the “strange,” “claw-like,” shape of the Tstand, but functionality and comfort seemed to trump everyone’s initial apprehensions. In short, people are loving it!

tstand kickstarter campaign

Tstand has been called everything from “a Netflix binge-watcher’s dream” to “the iPad Pro’s strange and secret hero.” Chris Mills at Gizmodo.com wanted “to hate this dumb, amazing tablet stand”, but even he had to admit that it would “change Netflix in bed forever.”

All this to say, despite a few hurdles, we’re thrilled with all of the positive feedback from both the press and our backers. Best part? Tstand is already in production! You can even pre-order Tstand via our online store at our Kickstarter prices!

To keep up with our Kickstarter campaign and any manufacturing updates, make sure to check out our Kickstarter page.