tstand ipad holder for bed feedback
Tstands are shipping! We’re sure you cannot WAIT to finally receive your one of a kind tablet stand so you can put those tired arms to rest.

We encourage – no, implore you to share your first experiences with Tstand! So far the response has been overwhelmingly positive and we can’t thank you enough for all your support!

Tstand has been a dream project of Founder Sean Kieley since 2012. As you can imagine, he is simply thrilled to finally send out the first ever shipment of Tstand in 2016. Without your support, none of this could have been possible. Sean is humbled and grateful to have been a part of this experience. We hope you enjoy Tstand!


We know some of you are still waiting to receive their Tstands, so we thought we would share some of the very first comments from those who have already received theirs!

nice product – good build quality – using it with my iPad Pro now – seems spot on! Thanks a lot for staying with it and pushing hard to get it to us!

Got my T-Stand today in the UK! The build quality is very nice. It’s sturdy and feels solid in hand not too heavy either. Have tried it with a Kindle 10″ Fire HD.

Got mine yesterday. IT IS FREAKING AWESOME! Last night was the first night my arm was not fatigued! I have pretty bad eyes, so the only problem I had was the distance (without glasses). It was slightly too far for me to see clearly, so the edge of the t-stand (base) was on my neck. Other than that, IT IS FREAKING AWESOME! My wife wants one too.

Got mine, Phoenix area. Awesome product, fit and finish seems impeccable. Congratulations and wish you much success with this product.

Got mine today in Fort Worth, TX. Nicely made and instantly handy. I’m very happy with the results.

Great job, and I’m looking forward to your next project. 🙂

I received mine. Really nice quality and the packaging saved my t-stand. The box was damaged from a hard hit, but the t-stand was fine. Good job!!

I received my stand today (Fresno, CA) and I must say I am really impressed. I started using it as soon as I got it and even received some comments on what a good idea it is since it elevates the tablet for easier viewing. Very happy and definitely worth the wait.

Stand showed up today. Fit and finish are exceptional for a first generation product. Feels solid and well built.

Received my black Tstand today and I’ve been using it ever since. The wait was worth it – the unit is sturdy, the fit and finish is fantastic, and I suspect I will be using this around the house a lot more than I had originally anticipated. Congrats to the Tstand team for the effort – you built a great product and I’ll be sure to spread the word.

We received our TStand yesterday, and my wife is in love with it. Mission Accomplished!

Received mine yesterday. It. Is gorgeous and so well made! Fits my iPad ipro perfectly! Slept with it last night! Worth waiting for! Thanks for your hard and diligent work.
Love the box instructions too!!

Received my Tstand today. I’m just grinning. O Yeah It’s sweet. Thanks Sean.

Got mine and it is as good as I had hoped. Well worth the $, and well worth the wait.

Even before I was amazed by the stand, I was amazed by the box. I opened it and my first thought was “No way this came direct from China, and as part of a Kickstarter project at that?!” Seriously, this is *worth the wait* and I’ve only had it one day. Thanks!!

Lovin’ the Tstand?

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